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Photo courtesy of Jingle Dress Project and Eugene Tape……

“Art Heals: The Jingle Dress Project’s goal is to take the healing power of the Ojibwe jingle dress to the land, to travel, to dance and capture a series of images to document the spiritual places our ancestors once walked, and to unite and give hope to the world through art, dance, and culture to help us heal.

“On our first photo shoot, Dion, Erin, JoAnni, Sunni and I learned how to work together. They weren’t models. I wasn’t a portrait photographer. It was awkward, frustrating and new. But, from the moment they started to jingle dance on the land, it all changed.
I cried. I could feel myself healing from the uncertainties of the world––time slowed down.

“As I listened to the jingles, I knew I was where I was suppose to be. I was doing what I was suppose to do and no matter how difficult this project would be, it needed to be done.
Several months later, the project is bigger than I imagined. The support, the love, and the encouragement from all over the world is inspirational. It motivates us through our trials and difficulties while we travel on our photo shoots. It has been beautiful, emotional, empowering and most importantly, healing. We hope you join us on this spiritual journey. –Jingle Dress Project