“Western Icons with Ethan Wayne” will take viewers on a cinematic journey this May.

If you’re a John Wayne fan, you know that May is the Duke’s birthday month! In order to celebrate what would have been John’s 111th birthday, HDNET Movies has teamed up with Ethan Wayne, John’s son, for “Western Icons with Ethan Wayne,” a series of movies that will run from May 18-27th that showcase not only John Wayne, but other famous actors in Western film.

Ethan Wayne will be the host of the series, and will treat audiences to a double bill of films on the HDNET Movies Channel. Ethan will share behind the scenes photos and memorabilia that he has gathered from his special collection at John Wayne Enterprises.

Click here to see the full lineup of films that are part of the “Western Icons with Ethan Wayne” series. Will you be tuning in?