As we welcome winter, horse owners may also experience the unsightly sides of winter cold and its effects on horse’s health. Cold weather can impact any horse’s joint health, particularly seniors or those battling joint health. We’ve found a few of our favorite joint supplements to keep your equine partners feeling and moving their best this winter!

Joint 6 in 1 Equine Supplement

Formula 707 

$67.19 on Amazon

With a complex formula of 6 key ingredients, these easy-to-feed pellets are perfect for protecting joints and connective tissue. Simply include these pellets in your daily feed for continuous support!

Complete Joint Supplement Pellets


$153.50 On Amazon

Level up your equine partner’s care with this comprehensive supplement! These clinically proven supportive pellets are sure to provide the most inclusive coverage to those who need it the most.

Horse XL Horse Supplements


$99.99 on Amazon

This supplement is a horse’s BFF! Packed with all the good stuff, this powdered product works at the hormonal level to protect a horse’s overall health while also targeting specific health concerns, like joint issues.

Acti-Flex Gallon

Cox Vet Labs

$94.27 on Amazon

If you’re looking for an easy-to-feed, all-inclusive supplement, this is your new go-to! This supplement mixes in perfectly with your horse’s supplement ration and is sure to protect their joints when it matters most.

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