joint supplements

Just like people, horses’ joints get tired, swollen and deserve the extra support. From retired seniors to top-notch performance horses there is a joint supplement for your horse. Your horse deserves the extra love and support, that’s why we’ve found some of our favorite join supplements to share with you.

Hyaluronic Acid Joint Support Pellets


$33.20 on Amazon

Adding joint support to your horse’s daily diet has never been easier! Just slip these small pellets into your horse’s daily grain for added support. Designed with all horses in mind, this hyaluronic acid-based supplement will maintain healthy joints in your whole herd.

Hyaluronic Acid Joint Supplement


$136.32 on Amazon

This one is an industry favorite for a reason! Vet recommended and owner approved, this fluid supplement is a game-changer for joint support. Help your horse feel and perform its best with this best seller!

Fluidflex Liquid Joint Supplement


$40.16 on Amazon

“The Joint Solution” to all your horse’s joint problems! Simply pour this liquid supplement into your horse’s feed for instant improve mobility and comfort.

Nutramax Cosequin Original Joint Health Supplement

Nutramax Laboratories

$49.99 on Amazon

Cosequin is one of the OG’s when it comes to providing your horse with top-of-the-line healthcare and this joint supplement is no exception. Keep your horse feeling happy and healthy with this easy-to-feed formula!

MVP Exceed 6 Way Pellets

Med-Vet Pharmaceuticals

$103.79 on Amazon

Multi-level support is here! Help your horses reach their happiest and healthiest state with this all-inclusive supplement. This one goes beyond superior joint support, with nutrients for a healthy coat and digestive system.

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