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It’s undeniable that “Fast Car” by Tracy Chapman is instantly recognizable. Now, Jordana Bryant is putting her signature flair on the classic hit! Her cover of “Fast Car” is out now! We love seeing artists making songs their own and putting their own spin on them.

For Jordana, the decision to cover such an iconic tune was an easy one. “I’ve always loved “Fast Car” because I feel like there’s no other song like it and it’s super different. I also feel like as a singer-songwriter, I really want to honor the artists who have come before me and inspired me to become a musician,” she says. “So, with my take on “Fast Car,” I hope to add my own style to the track while still honoring what Tracy Chapman did with it.”

Listen to Jordana’s cover of “Fast Car” here!

And she’s not done yet! After releasing this track, she’ll be sharing another cover in a few weeks from a female country artist she really admires for paving the way for young musicians like herself. We cannot wait to listen to hear Jordana’s take on another one of her favorites!

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