Cowgirl - Maddy

Cowgirl - Maddy

Madison Shambaugh, known as Mustang Maddy, is one serious cowgirl. Her passion for horses started as a young girl and has led to a successful career in horse training. She is famous for her work with wild horses and zebras.

After acquiring her first wild mustang in 2013, her journey to promote their amazing abilities begun. If you’re looking for some cowgirl inspiration, follow this amazing trainer!

Zebras, no problem! Maddy develops unique relationships with each of the animals she works with.

Mustangs remain in holding pens across the West. Maddy enjoys showing the public how adaptable these horses are to a new life with people. She hopes to help increase awareness about these beautiful creatures.

Doesn’t look like horses and zebras are the only ones learning. Maddy believes they can teach us a lot as well!

Catch Mustang Maddy on her tour across the United States to see her amazing abilities live!

There’s no reason why every rider and owner can’t work toward developing a closer relationship with their horse. There is so much opportunity for you to learn through exceptional trainers. Find inspiration and set out on your own journey to build a better bond with your horse!