Cavender’s, the iconic Western wear and cowboy boot company started as a small Western shop in Pittsburg, Texas, and has now expanded across the country with more than 85 stores.

James R. Cavender, the founder of Cavender’s, built a legacy based on his work ethic and his belief in doing things the right way. He built lasting relationships with Cavender’s customers, their communities, and friends in the Western industry. He had a knack for spotting real quality and true value in goods. These pieces built Cavender’s into the iconic brand it is known as today.

So how do you honor the legacy of a man with more than 50 years in the boot business? By building a boot in his honor, the way he would’ve done it.

JRC & Sons has created a line of high-quality boots at an affordable price to honor their dad so that his spirit may live on in every pair. JRC & Sons boots were created for anyone who appreciates quality, craftsmanship, value, and a little independence.

Designed in their hometown of Tyler, Texas, Joe, Mike, and Clay have searched around the world for the finest quality leathers. The boots are handmade and built to last, delivering the quality only true hands-on craftsmanship can deliver. JRC & Sons boots are timeless and authentic, with a nod to a man who expected the best and wanted the best for others.

JRC & Sons believes everyone deserves an authentic, hand-crafted Western boot at a great price – a new boot with an old soul. A pair of boots that make you feel comfortable making your own way in the world.

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