The Wander Inn is the newest addition to the Gypsyville compound, located close to the original Chisholm Trail. It’s a place to dream big and dream loud while surrounded by open spaces and Texas Longhorns. It combines the spirit of the great western cattle drives and incurable wanderlust. The Wander Inn is about everything that makes Gypsyville what it is: the road, the flea market, music, and the country.

Amie, one of the Junk Gypsy sisters, says, “It’s been a labor of love where we wanted to showcase as much of the true Junk Gypsy style as we could. We’ve handmade almost all the headboards and lots of the furniture details, like custom-made piano keyboard coffee tables, and even custom bedding. There’s a lot of our prized possessions in the inn like our Star Motel sign, retro signage and some of our most-beloved roadside treasures from over the years. There’s also a custom-made cactus path lighting hand-made in Arizona along with our big Best Western retro crown sign from the 1960s that’s been housed in our barn for years waiting for the perfect place to land.  There is a fire pit, jacuzzi tubs and our retro-fitted galvanized corrugated barn metal showers where we even made the faucets out of copper tubing by hand in our barn.”

Speaking of the notorious Star Motel sign, here’s the gorgeous beauty herself!

Junk Gypsy has put detail and thought into every inch of the Wander Inn, as you can tell from this stunning sitting room!

This is a bedroom that every whimsical cowgirl would love to call her own. I love all of the thought that went into each piece of decor that was placed in this room.

This completely takes my breath away! Who all would love to lounge around under these vaulted ceilings while planning their next adventure?

The beautiful blue wall color perfectly complements the red sofa; the acid-washed cowhide and wood painting ties the look together!

This bedroom boasts more peaceful colors than the louder ones seen in previous pictures. One of the highlights of this stunning room is the headboard; I love all of the fine details that were put into it!

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