junk junkology cowgirl magazine
junk junkology cowgirl magazine
Photo courtesy of April Pizana Photography.

Why buy new when you can buy junk? I’m serious! There’s no telling what cool pieces you might find when you go “junking.” Vintage items have so much character to bring to a room.

Sure, you might need to slap a fresh coat of paint to spruce up an older piece, but once you’re done, I promise you’ll love the finished product!

Sandra from Twisted Treasures, and Amie and Jolie from Junk Gypsies, have some great advice for a successful junking trip.

Photo courtesy of April Pizana Photography.

Junking Rule #1: If you love it, buy it!

“Remember, old stuff is OLD…it may not be perfect but if it is a piece you LOVE, your home and heart will find a place for it. Chipped, cracked, threadbare, or otherwise imperfect? This only adds more character to your collection of flea market flair!” – Junk Gypsies.

Junking Rule #2: Hardware is life-changing!

“Feeling like your piece isn’t quite right? Does it just need a little extra something? Try changing out the hardware on it! A bigger handle or bolder hinges could be just what you’re missing.” – Twisted Treasures.

Photo courtesy of April Pizana Photography.

Junking Rule #3: Always have cash.

“Many junk dealers only take cash…plus you’ll need it for snacking while you’re shopping!” – Junk Gypsies.

Junking Rule #4: Mix and Match!

“Can’t find a complete matching set of chairs for the dining set? That’s okay! Just pick out your favorite chairs and paint them all in similar colors; no one will know it wasn’t meant to be like that.”  -Twisted Treasures.

Photo courtesy of Sam Franks.

Junking Rule #5: Haggling is OK!

“Don’t be afraid to ask a dealer if the price marked is their lowest price, but don’t haggle over just a few dollars. Be careful not to negotiate the price in a rude manner either, you’ll only insult the dealer and end up missing the chance at a fabulous piece!” – Junk Gypsies.

Junking Rule #6: Be a die-hard.

“Relentless searching sometimes ends with the grandest find of the day. No pain, no gain! Remember to have your biggest vehicle handy to load all your treasures into!” – Junk Gypsies. 

Photo courtesy of April Pizana Photography.

Junking Rule #7: Don’t forget your junkin’ necessities!

“Wear a hat and sunglasses, be comfortable and always pack sunscreen. You’ll thank us later! Drive your BIGGEST vehicle and pack bungees, tarps and ropes to secure any large purchases. Last but not least, bring a cooler full of food, and more favorites, just in case!” – Junk Gypsies.