Justin Boots partnered with Paramount Network’s groundbreaking TV series, Yellowstone, to design a collection of cowboy boots perfectly suited to the challenges of a family living in the new frontier.


John Dutton, the patriarch of the powerful Dutton Family, controls the largest ranch in the United States. The sixth-generation rancher, and devoted father, is in constant conflict with shrewd enemies determined to take control of his land.


From the loyal and merciless Rip, to the daring and challenging Walker, and even to the inexperienced but endearing Jimmy, the Yellowstone ranch hands are the backbone of the ranch. Their dedication to the Dutton family and the brand is unmatched.


Even though Jamie and Rainwater are on opposing sides, their personalities are quite similar. One a polished lawyer desperate for his father’s approval, the other a proud and tough negotiator, both men are motivated by deep roots to the land and family heritage.

Ms. Dutton

Beth is the ruthlessly efficient daughter of John Dutton, tasked with the impossible—holding together a family of broken men as they attempt to surmount impossible odds. Beth is unrelenting in her duties, even when war is waging all around—and often within her.


Women on the Yellowstone face an uphill battle. They must prove themselves to their male counterparts, just like cowgirls of the past. Determined, proud, and courageous, they will have to hold their own on the Yellowstone if they want to earn respect.

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