Get excited – the iconic Justin Brands is launching a clothing line and it is EVERYTHING we want in 2023! Western-print wrap dresses, tactical leggings, and a collection of denim are just a few of the highlights teased by the brand so far. The collection stirred up quite a bit of interest during WESA market, even attracting Western influencer West Desperado, who named the collection as one of her favorites of the show.

“We unveiled the new Justin Denim and Apparel collection at the WESA 2023 show in Dallas. The new Denim and Apparel collection is stylistically on trend and priced at an exceptional value,” says Mike Moffitt, General Manager of Justin Apparel & Accessories. “Retailers were excited to see our iconic brand move into the apparel and denim categories. We look forward to seeing this product in retail stores this fall.”

We are counting down the days until this collection is available in stores but until then, check out a few sneak peek sketches of the pieces!