Kait Davis has conquered the lash world and the fitness world. Now, it’s time for the event world; Reign Hills is officially open. To celebrate, Kait and Cooper did an exclusive shoot just for COWGIRL, and we got an exclusive interview with Kait about the new event space.

Kait and Cooper’s Reign Hills opened mid-pandemic back in August, but the venue has already garnered such hype that it’s fully booked until 2021. For the exclusive shoot, Kait brought together some of her favorite vendors:

Florals/Coordination: Swanky Occasions
Hair: Callie Elizabeth Hair
Makeup: Kiss and Makeup Houston
Dress: Dressin’ Up Texas
Photography: Grant Foto

Western brides from all over want to tie the knot at this Texas treasure, and we got an inside look.

COWGIRL: Why did you decide to open an event venue?
Kait Davis: Throughout high school and college, I worked in a high-end bridal salon. I got up-close experiences every weekend while helping families create the most perfect weddings for years. I loved how it was such a happy time for everyone involved and I wanted to be big part of making someone’s dreams come true.

CG: The venue opened in August. How have things gone so far?
KD: The opening of the venue went fantastic, despite COVID and Hurricane Laura that came crashing down three weeks after we cut our ribbon! Neither pandemic nor epic hurricane has stopped us. I think 2020 will make people look at weddings as still necessary no matter what chaos is going on in the world around us. It goes to show that no matter what happens, weddings will go on! That gives me great relief that I chose the right industry.

CG: What was your inspiration for the look and feel of Reign Hills?
KD: I really wanted some thing luxe and timeless, but still industrial. I think that the wedding industry has gone in such a different direction in the past few years. It changes every few years with what is the next big thing. We did not want to be a fad; we wanted to be classic.

CG: Describe Reign Hills in three words.
KD: Moody. Swanky. Enchanted.

CG: If you had to pick one room in the venue as your favorite, what would you choose?
KD: My favorite location in the venue is definitely the bridal suite. It’s no secret that I love makeup, pink, and all things sparkly. I think we really accurately made the bridal suite the perfect, chic room to hang out in before saying “I do”!

CG: What has been the most rewarding part of the venue business thus far?
KD: Having couples hug me after three times rescheduling their big day due to coronavirus. Just feeling the upmost gratitude from our booked couples. It has been the most rewarding job!

CG: What has been the most challenging part?
KD: The most challenging part has been opening the venue during a pandemic. We are not learning the original ropes of venue owner life; we are learning coronavirus venue owner life! After 2020, I feel like we can say we have been through it all. It has been such a learning curve.

CG: How did you choose vendors for this shoot?
KD: I reached out to the best vendors I could find. I wanted other businesses in the wedding industry to shine in my area and really showcase their talents. I know how big of a hit we have all taken in 2020 due to so many canceled events, refunds… I am so pleased with how everything turned out and I feel like everybody really went above and beyond to transform the space into an enchanted-but-chic cowgirl’s dream venue. 

CG: Do you have a favorite photo from the shoot?
KD: My favorite photo from the photo shoot this one of Cooper and me. It is my favorite photo for many reasons. The main one being it shows the love and playfulness Cooper and I have maintained during such a rocky year. No matter what, we are going to keep pushing forward. I truly believe that this venue is just the start of what we want Reign to represent one day. Cooper also started his own cattle company this year, Reign Cattle, so the name has so much meaning to it. We can’t wait to show you what we have planned.

To learn more about Reign Hills, visit reignhills.com. And, don’t forget to follow Kait Davis on her daily adventures on Instagram, @kait.davis.