"Cowgirl Magazine" - Kaley Cuoco

You might remember her from The Big Bang Theory, but Kaley Cuoco is much more than just an actress. She’s a killer equestrian! At the age of 16, she first stepped foot into the stirrups. Nowadays, you’ll see her and her fiancé in the show jumping industry. Kaley owns a stunning barn and quite the collection of top-notch horses. Here’s your chance to meet some!

1. Bobo

2. Shmooshy

3. Poker Face

4. Escarlata

5. Nettypie

Kaley Cuoco isn’t just an avid rider, but she also promotes the equine industry. She is bringing lots of great attention to the wonderful world of horseback riding. These are just a few of her horses. Kaley has quite a few more, and tons of other animals. Follow her Instagram normancook for updates!