karen musgraves Kacey Musgraves' Mama, Karen, Is An Artist In Her Own Right cowgirl magazine
Photo courtesy of @thebleacherbabe Instagram……

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Photos courtesy of @thebleacherbabe Instagram.
Did you know Kacey Musgraves’ mama Karen Musgraves is an artist? Not a musical artist like her famous daughter, but she’s pretty talented herself! Pretty cool little collection of gadgets, don’t you think? Check out this “Willie” pillow! What does the fox say? Okay, no more silly jokes! Loving every single one of these artwork pieces! Well isn’t this just the prettiest pillow? Agreed! Whoever invented turquoise deserves an award! Wonder if Kacey has ever played this guitar? It’s pretty cool looking either way! Check out Kacey’s newest album below! https://cowgirlmagazine.com/kacey-musgraves-high-horse/