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Spitfire country-pop artist Katrien is a force to be reckoned with in the country music world. With influences like Carly Pearce and Carrie Underwood, Katrien focuses her artistry on the stories she can tell through songwriting and themes such as heartbreak, love, lust, and the struggles of reality. Her new single “Charming” is a beautiful declaration of love for her husband that embodies the perfect balance of whimsicalness and realness in a marriage.

The opening lines reference Cinderella and push the theory that she dropped her slipper on purpose because she knew only the man that was her true prince charming would go to crazy lengths to find her. This represents Katrien’s expectations for her own prince charming, as she knows she deserves the absolute best, which makes this song all the more impactful as it denounces the idea that women should lower their standards for men. 

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Of the single, she says, “When I decided to write “Charming” with Erin Kinsey a year and a half ago, I wanted to write a song that showed how important it was to have high standards going into your relationships. I also wanted to instill confidence in women to be able to expect more from their significant others. All women need to know that they deserve to be treated with respect, class, and chivalry even in this day and age. I had just started dating my now-husband, and he was a perfect example of someone who showed up to meet the standards that I had set, and then he surpassed them. Your Prince Charming is out there…and everyone deserves to find them.”

It’s a treat to listen to, and when accompanied by the appropriate sweet guitar melody peppered with drum hits, this whole track comes together in a way that’s seamless. There is a gorgeous breakdown and build-up right before the last chorus that is similar to early 2000’s pop that just hits all of the nostalgia missing from music today.

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