Showing a little leg this year? We are! No shame in our game. Shorts season (the less scary version of bikini season) is here and what’s a girl to buy? A.) High waisted Levi cut-offs or B.) Something a little different than everyone else. B is the obvious choice in our book. 

When shopping for western styled shorts, “western,” doesn’t have a finite meaning, but if we were to narrow it down a bit, it would consist of all things lace, leather, denim, fringe, paisley and southwestern print. Those are just the high points, of course. For starters, take a look at some of our favorite shorts this season! 

Pictured above: The Backstage Sequin Shorts

Southwestern Print Terry Shorts


Suede Fringe Shorts


Raga Spellcaster Fringe Shorts


High Waisted Paisley Dolphin Shorts



Little Miss Fringe Shorts


Serape Stripe Short


Missguided Suedette Fringe High Waisted Shorts


Desert Fringe Denim Shorts