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Have you checked out YETI’s Presents? Their Western reads and films make you feel “built for the wild!” YETI’s intention for their tales? To share the passions and lifestyles of others.

YETI says:

Maybe we aren’t all anglers, or cowboys or pro snowboarders. Most of us will never paddle the open Pacific Ocean, or grapple with the responsibilities of being a parent and a Sherpa. But we can all understand strife, loss, drive, family, accomplishment in the face of doubt, and pursuing what makes us feel alive. These short films are those stories, our stories. This is YETI Presents.

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Here’s a preview of a few Western stories to check out!

Beef on the Line

Who’s head doesn’t turn when they hear the Brannaman last name? There is no doubt that this family is a legacy in the horse industry. This read covers how the Brannaman family keeps the vaquero tradition alive through long ropes and fancy loops! Check it out here!

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All the Bucking Horses

Wild, high-spirited, and ornery bucking horses are the characters of this story! This read is as western as it gets. Just ask the photographer, Andy Anderson! He said, “If you mess with the bronco, you get a whole lot of dirt in your lens.” If you want to see what Anderson meant click here!

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The Cowboy Way

Do you know the celebrity, James Pickens? What about this celebrity’s admiration for cowboys and the Western culture? If not, this story is a must-read! Pickens uses his power and love for western sports to host a fundraiser to benefit charities. You’ll understand why Pickens is the perfect model of “the cowboy way.” Read more about the celebrity and the event here!

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The Brand that Bucks

This YETI feature presents stunning photos with a heart-felt storyline. Once a year, young cowboys come from all over to “get thrown in the dirt” by Anchor K Broncs at the Korkow Rodeo School. The Korkow family has a longstanding history in rodeo. Even the story says, “If you know rodeo then you know Korkow.” Want to know more about the Korkow family and rodeo school? See, here!

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You have to explore some of their films too!

Navajo Son

Most avid rodeo fans have heard Bob Tallman announce the name, “Derrick Begay” at the Wrangler National Finals a time or two. This film is about the team roper’s background and how he has paved the way for generations of Navajo cowboys.Watch it here!

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Los Padres

A film accompanied with a little Q & A! Los Padres features Graham Goodfield and his dedication to “exposing others to the wonders of the backcountry and passing the cowboy spirit down to future generations.” After watching this film, you might even want to explore the backcountry for yourself. See for yourself here!

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Parker Ranch

This is a film takes you somewhere tropical. Are you in for a trip to a ranch about 4,000 miles west of mainland United States? You’ll learn about the legendary cowboys of Hawaii called paniolos. Watch the film here!

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Wright Boys

This story dominates like the Wright brothers do in rodeo. YETI features the family line of world champions and describes life at home in Utah. Bronc riding and herding cows is what they know! See here!

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You don’t hear much about rodeo in New Jersey and the author of Cowtown admits it! This isn’t to say the only professional weekly rodeo in New Jersey, Cowtown, doesn’t run deep in the writer’s family. Read and watch how Cowtown is a legacy and love that is passed down and shared here!

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The Bulldogger

Watch how YETI Ambassador and five time steer wrestling World Champion, Luke Branquinho, “tackles this sucker to the ground.” This feature goes beyond the depths of bulldogging and covers Branquinho’s definition of cowboy. Don’t miss this one if you’re a lover of ranching and rodeo! Check it out here!

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One Eighty Out

Does you the pair “heroes and horses” make you feel warm?” If so, watch how a journey in Montana’s backcountry empowers veterans to overcome their personal demons. Heroes and Horses, is a nonprofit founded by former Navy SEAL Micah Fink to push veterans to tackle their demons, find a new purpose, and test their strength. Watch the film here!

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YETI presents the Western lifestyle through in-depth stories and films you can’t miss out on. After exploring YETI’s stories from the wild, you’ll understand why the beauty of the Western culture is endless!