Going into winter, it can be hard to keep your horse’s weight up and feel their best-especially if they are a tough keeper. We’ve found a few of our favorite weight-managing supplements to keep the pounds on this winter.

Tri Amino

Uckele Supplements

$65.95 on Amazon

Amino acids are an essential nutrient in every horse’s diet and work to keep the pounds on during cold months. Support your horse’s muscles and keep them looking great with this all-around supplement.

APF PRO Equine

 Auburn Laboratories Inc.

$63.93 on Amazon

Give your horse the support they deserve with this energy and muscle-building supplement! Designed in veterinary labs with your horse in mind, this liquid is sure to have your horse’s back.

Rice Bran Oil


$53.86 on Amazon

Add calories to your horse’s diet the easy way! Simply add this oil to their feed for immediate weight support to keep the pounds on this winter.

Pure Vegetable Oil


$11.62 on Amazon

Pack your horse’s diet full of calories and all the essential amino acids with something you probably already have in your kitchen. Simply add veggie oil to your horse’s diet for added support when they need it most.

Enhancer Release The Power

Cox Veterinary Labs

$67.49 on Amazon

Help your horse get the most out of its meals with this muscle support supplement. Don’t let the cold months get your horse and its weight down this year!

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