Who wouldn’t want fresh farm eggs! Chickens are a popular addition to farms, but it’s important to consider how they’ll impact your horses. They usually get along very well with your equine friends. Furthermore, they actually can help out a bit!

Benefits of Chickens

  • They eat bugs! This includes flies, ticks, mosquitoes, worm larvae, and more.
  • Chickens clean up the crumbs. You don’t have to worry about your horse spilling grain and the rodents coming out. Your hen is more than happy to clean up that mess.
  • They’ll spread horse manure out. This can help to dry it out and kill larvae.
  • Desensitize your horse to unusual sounds.
  • And let’s not forget lots of farm fresh eggs!

Ideal conditions include letting your birds free roam during the day and inside their coop at night. Electric poultry netting can help to contain them to a certain area though.

Be cautious of salmonella by making sure to keep them out of your horse’s feed and hay. And never let your horse eat commercial chicken feed. It can be poisonous.

Chickens and horse can co-exist happily. They can even mutually benefit from each other!

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