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With the 4th of July nearly here, you may be getting nervous for your horse’s safety. Fireworks frighten many animals, including horses, dogs, cats, etc… The loud booms and bright lights can cause your horse to have a melt down. Some many run through fences or slip and injury themselves. Proper planning is necessary to avoid this!

Tips for Fireworks & Horses

  1. Stay with your horse while the fireworks are going off. At the bare minimum, hang out with them for a just few minutes to make sure they will be okay.
  2. If you have to hire a sitter for the night, then make sure they are experienced and have clear directions. There should be a list of emergency contacts posted in the barn.
  3. Keep them in a familiar spot. That may be their stall or a field. Don’t make any last minute changes that they are not familiar with, as that can increase their fear.
  4. Check the stall or fence over carefully. The fencing should be secure and the stall without protruding nails.
  5. If you want to leave them inside, then practice a few nights in advance. They should get familiar with their stall.
  6. A fan or radio can also soothe a stalled horse.
  7. If left out in a field, your horse should have their normal companions with them. The field should also not be near the fireworks.
  8. Find out about local fireworks in your area, so you know the dates they’ll be taking place. You should also check with your neighbors.
  9. For very spooky horses, consider getting a sedative from your vet in advance.
  10. You should remain calm too. Horses can sense your energy.

Fireworks may be fun for those celebrating, but they can be loud and scary for horses. Hopefully, these tips keep your horse safe!