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Most horses enjoy lots of turnout where they can graze and move around. There are occasions when stall rest is inevitable though. If you horse experiences a serious injury or becomes sick, they likely will need stall confinement. The weather can also make turnout difficult, especially this time of year!

You can make their stall time more enjoyable with these simple tips!

Stall Rest Ideas

  • Make sure they have a friend or companion nearby.
  • Put them somewhere near the center of the barn, so they can see the daily activity. This helps to keep them somewhat entertained.
  • The stall should be spacious and allow them to easily turn around and lay down.
  • You should use dust-free bedding and a thick, plush layer.
  • They may need you to cut back on their grain, as they’ll be getting less exercise.
  • A slow-feeder hay net can extend the time it takes them to eat.
  • Treat dispensers can be fun and entertaining for them.
  • Hang various toys in their stall for enrichment.
  • Try to give them extra attention, such as grooming and just hanging out.
  • If permitted by your vet, hand walking can be a great way to get them out for a little while.

Hopefully, the stall time won’t last too long. Some horses may develop gastric ulcers or behavioral issues like cribbing or pawing, so make sure to keep a close eye on them. These ideas will likely make their stall time more bearable.