warm cowgirl magazine
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Is Jack Frost nipping at your toes? Staying warm at the barn can be difficult in the winter. You have to invest in the right attire for the job! Certain brands have proved over and over again they’re ready to keep you toasty and comfortable while mucking, feeding, and riding.

How to Stay Warm

Every cowgirl needs a pair of insulated bibs! They can go right over your base layers to keep you warm and dry.

A durable jacket is another must have! Carhartt is known for their amazing products.

Crafted from breathable and moisture-wicking fabric, these base layer are perfect for wintertime.

Socks, $14.92, Grainger

One of the first parts to get cold is your feet! These thermal socks won’t let that happen.

Who doesn’t love their Muck boots?! They’re waterproof and will keep your feet warm.

Heritage Extreme Winter Gloves, $32.26, Big Dee’s Tack & Vet Supplies

You have to protect your hands! These are made for the coldest of conditions.

These essentials will hopefully do the job of keeping you warm. There are a few other things like a hat and hand/toe warmers that will help even more. The chores have to get done no matter what, so make sure you’re prepared for the low temperatures.