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One thing all cowgirls must have is determination, and there’s no doubt that Kellie White-Rettinger’s got it. This Ohio-born cowgirl has accomplished so much, and just wants to share her love of horses with the world.

Currently, Kellie and her husband own Whispery Pines Percherons. “We specialize in show hitching, carriage rides, sleigh rides, logging, and special events,” says Kellie. “We attend over 12 major shows a year, Ohio State Fair, the Keystone International Livestock Expo, Road to the Horse and Equine Affaire being some of our biggest shows.”

Whispery Pines Percherons at Equine Affaire.

The couple loves giving back to the community, and regularly hosting clinics with the local 4-H.

Apart from that, she gets to have some fun playing dress up. She performed at Wonder Woman in the Amazing Fantasia at the Equine Affaire Ohio. She’s also performed as the Headless Horseman at Road to the Horse in Lexington, KY, riding through the opening ceremonies each day. Cinderella and Annie Oakley are two more of White-Rettinger’s alter-egos.

These characters all give me an outlet to share my love of horses with children and adults as well,” she explains.

Kellie as Annie Oakley.

On top of all that, she started her own carriage business. “Weddings, funerals, sleigh rides, special events, parades are just the tip of the iceberg for what we do. I am very proud to say that I have built this business from the ground up,” says Kellie.

Her horsemanship has earned her ambassador spots with Show Ease Mats, DAC Vitamins and Minerals, Schneider’s Saddlery, Pegasus Laser Therapy, Cowboy Magic, and Absorbine, and she is the first female endorsee for Montana Silversmiths.

Kellie working as a Montana Silversmiths endorsee.

Despite her success with performing and her business, it isn’t always smooth sailing. “I will say it does not come up without very long nights, early mornings, sacrifice, commitment, tears, and sweat,” she says. “There have been many times that I have been shot down or have not succeeded, but I dust myself off and I never give up.”

Kellie White-Rettinger wants to be a mentor to younger cowgirls, and let them know that anything is possible. “I want to be a role model for all cowgirls out there. To be passionate in what you do, dedicated, and never give up. Chase your dreams.”

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