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Kelly Yazdi, motorcyclist and Wrangler Legend, founded the Wild Gypsy Tour to bring motorcycling women together in a sisterhood of support and friendship. A biker since her youth, Yazdi wanted a group to change the way people see female motorcyclists.

“Women have always been riders and catalysts within the industry,” says Yazdi. “Our sisterhood is made of up women from all walks of life and ends of the globe, and we welcome all types, bikes, kinds and colors.”

Kelly wants people to know the importance of female presence in the motorcycle community. Wrangler has been a huge help, as they have apparel and accessories that appeal to female bikers. “Female motorcycle bike ownership has doubled in the past decade or so,” she says. “The industry is catching on to us and we now have gear that’s specifically designed for female riders. We hope to keep building on that progress.”

To help spread her message, Kelly Yazdi started the Wild Gypsy Tour. It began in Sturgis, South Dakota during the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, but has since grown into a phenomenon bigger than Yazdi could have imagined. “I never expected Wild Gypsy Tour to become what it is, but we’re changing the culture of the sport,” she says. “It’s become a haven for this unbridled gypsy sisterhood to belong and live freely.”

“There is something truly profound about riding in a pack and the bonds that are formed within this female family,” she continues. “I think women have always had the desire to ride, but maybe didn’t have access to other riders to learn from. The Wild Gypsy Tour helps to foster a culture of learning and female empowerment.”

Kelly Yazdi discusses the Wild Gypsy Tour, women’s empowerment, and the importance of female bikers in the industry in her full interview with Wrangler.