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Kevin Costner is expanding his cast list for his epic Horizon project. The Yellowstone star is set to get back behind the camera for the first time since 2003’s critically acclaimed Open Range. Costner will direct the period Western, and also star in the film, produce it, and finance it through his Territory Pictures production company. 

Costner will be reuniting with a Yellowstone co-star in his huge Western undertaking. Will Patton, who portrayed Jamie Dutton’s biological father Garrett Randall. Along with his role on Yellowstone, Patton previously starred alongside Costner in 1987’s No Way Out, which was his first significant film role.

The four-film Western project Horizon follows a 15-year period before and after the Civil War. It focuses on westward expansion and the dangers of the American west. Horizon will also pay close attention to the female settlers who accompanied their husbands and families on the treacherous journey west, and the Native Americans who were already living there.

“[Women] were often [dragged] out to these places because that’s where the men wanted to go,” Kevin Costner previously told Variety about the film. “Women were following their men. They didn’t ask to be in these territories that were unsettled and dangerous, and life wasn’t easy. I’ve chosen to make sure that was really obvious, that that wasn’t easy and how vulnerable people were.”