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“The loss of a child forever changes your family,” Kelsey Asbille begins of Yellowstone Season 5’s heartbreaking tragedy. Together with Kevin Costner, the two actors are breaking down what many fans are calling one of the finest moments from the entire series as part of the latest Behind the Story.

“She’s navigating how to survive on a daily basis, and be there for her husband and her son,” Asbille continues of Monica Dutton after the loss of her second son, John, a mere hour after birth. 

“It’s another instance where we get to share the philosophy of the way Native people see transitioning over,” Thomas Rainwater’s Gil Birmingham adds.

“To have this funeral and ceremony, it was so beautiful and so moving,” Asbille recalls. But it was that scene with Costner (that everyone’s talking about) that brought her to tears even before putting it on camera.

“I told Taylor [Sheridan] that I read that scene with John and Monica on a plane, and I just started balling,” she laughs of first receiving those lines from the show’s creator. The scene took the same toll on audiences, thanks to a pitch-perfect speech Sheridan wrote for Costner.

Yet this moment also serves as the biggest bridge for these two characters to fully embrace familial love in all of Yellowstone; something fans have also been hoping for. “They are different, which is obvious, but it’s important,” Costner adds of the moment. “But that graveyard is filled with family. And the child is family.”

“For better or for worse, she has now had an experience that allows her to understand a side of his grief that she’s never been able to understand before,” the episode’s director, Christina Alexandra Voros, explains of Monica and John. “And it’s beautiful.”

“When it comes to family, that’s really their common ground,” Asbille offers. “And I think, in that moment, she feels permission not only to grieve, but also to live her life again.”

“It is a bridge that gives you hope that their relationship could go to places that we have not seen,” Voros continues.

Asbille and her co-star, Luke Grimes, also spoke on the scene and the implications it may have for the rest of the season. Read about what they said HERE.