PC: Best Ever Pads……

It can be rewarding- saving a horse from the kill pen! These beautiful animals end up in unfortunate situations. Luckily, some of them are rescued and given a second chance. Fallon Taylor decided to save one and see just how far she could go. Under the guidance of a professional trainer, this kill pen horse is making an amazing transformation. You’ll definitely want to watch the action unfold!

Fallon decided to save this mare after she discovered her registered name is “Baby Flo” with the Jockey Club. If that sounds familiar, it’s because her pro rodeo horse is named Babyflo. They share a name! To clear up any confusion, her pro barrel horse is registered with AQHA as Flos Heiress and her barn name is Babyflo (one word). That’s still a cool discovery though!

This kill pen horse only costs $775. Fallon is taking it slow and steady with her. She is receiving the same training as a pro horse. Fallon is letting her decide how far she wants to go, but she seems eager to please. The goal is to prove that rescued horses can have a lot of potential when given a fair chance.

Check out this video of the pair.

How much do you love this cute mare? It sounds like she’s very happy to have a nice home.

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