Kinsels way to the top is through cheyenne cowgirl magazine

The Daddy of ‘Em All was definitely one for Hailey Kinsel! She went into this rodeo sitting second in the WPRA world standings. We can’t help but wonder, where will she be sitting now after her big win? The stakes are high and Kinsel’s name might be—and remain—at the top of the world standings heading into the winter!

Are you surprised? Nobody beats Sister.

Hailey and Sister had some great runs in Cheyenne! Here’s a recap…

Week of Rodeo: (2nd Round) 17.22

Sister looks like fun to run all the time—let alone, in Cheyenne! Hailey and Sister ran a blazing fast time in their second round of slack to qualify them for the weekend!

Semi-finals Saturday: 17.71

Little engine? BIG engine that could! It’s almost like Sister can hear the announcer, she doesn’t want to give up her reigning world champion name!

Championship Sunday: 17.30

There is no doubt that the heat is on! Hailey said she was able to focus on this rodeo these past two weeks. In response, Sister “stepped right up and said point me in the right direction.”

It was such a thrill to watch the iconic team in Cheyenne, who’s ready to see them in the Thomas & Mack?!