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Kirstie Kraus‘s latest single “Bird” is a groovy pop rock country tune where Kirstie encourages her listeners to not use the middle finger when someone upsets them. Bird is the fourth single release off the eleven song record “Yes You Can” dropping in late 2021! The single officially drops tomorrow, but we’ve got an exclusive preview that we are so excited to share with y’all!

It was written by Kirstie Kraus, Arkfoo, and Mark Addison Chandler. With lyrics like “Just for the record, I ain’t cursing, you ain’t worth it, you don’t deserve my bird,” Kirstie shows she is confident in taking the high road and not letting people know they get to her. Although taking the high road can be difficult, you can feel so much better after!

We’re ready for a carefree summer of not letting anyone else get us down!

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