photo by kirstie marie of women and horses
Kirstie Marie Photography……

Kirstie Marie Photography has made quite the name for herself. She has photographed some notable figures, including Tuf and Tiffany Cooper, and continues to amaze the western world with the beauty she is able to capture behind the lens of her camera.

A passion for horses has always been embedded in this talented woman. “Some little girls never grow out of the horse-crazy phase,” said Marie. “I played with Breyers instead of Barbies.” And as that love continued to grow, so did her eye for freezing the beauty of a moment in a photograph, not only of horses but also of people who call them family. “Of course I want to give you a new Facebook profile picture – maybe even a new canvas on your wall. But more than that, I want to give you time to reflect on how much your horses mean to you. As you spend several hours on a sunny day loving on your pony, scratching his favorite spot, smoothing his beautiful mane, laughing at his silly antics, all the while I’ll document those moments,” said Marie.

Below are some of the striking images Kirstie Marie has captured.

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