Anything Is Possible With A Fantastic Photographer Like Kirstie Marie

Kirstie Marie captured Tuf and Tiffany's bridal photos against the elements!

January 29, 2019

Photos courtesy of Kirstie Marie Photography via @fashion_posse Instagram.

Kirstie Marie outdid herself when she captured Tuf and Tiffany’s bridal photos! You never quite know what the model and photographer are having to endure to get that perfect shot.

The talented photographer said, ” Instagram vs Reality 🙃 In reality, sweet @fashion_posse endured bitter cold and 40mph winds. She was shivering for about 3 straight hours. It took the help of expert Instagram husbands @jacobbobby and @tufcooper, the wizardry of @tmwyly, the talents of @maddiirobb_hair, and a broke-as-a-joke horse named Johnny — who never protested when the dress and veil got caught in his legs 100x 😛😅🤭 #doitforthegram

Photos courtesy of Kirstie Marie Photography

Kirstie also shot Tuf and Tif’s engagement photos! Check them out here.

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