Kirstie Marie's shoot with Hailey Lockwood cowgirl magazine
All photos by Kirstie Marie Photography. Makeup by Maddi Robbins.……

With stay-at-home orders in place, Kirstie Jones and Hailey Lockwood had some extra time on their hands. When the stay-at-home order lifted in Texas, the photographer and the barrel racer decided to do a shoot…and let’s just say, Kirstie’s shoot with Hailey is one for the books!

The shoot took place at Hailey’s home in Stephenville, Texas, and the photos prove that the team had a ball.

“Hailey’s horses Sister and TJ were angels as we took them all over the property for portraits,” said Kirstie.
“It was a perfect spring day in Texas with a light breeze and so enjoyable to get out of the house and outside for some sunshine and fun!” Kirstie continues.
For her shoot with Hailey, Kirstie started in the barn. Hailey’s barn look was 100% glam, featuring a metallic bronze dress, black suede booties, and silver accessories.
And she couldn’t leave one horse out! Hailey made sure to get a ton of photos with both TJ and Sister.

After some glamorous barn shots, the team found a bent tree nearby, which made for a unique, natural background.

The third location for Kirstie’s shoot with Hailey was in Hailey’s driveway with a striking green dress.

After a quick outfit change into another shade of green, Kirstie and Hailey headed to Hailey’s back pasture for a few final shots.

That’s a wrap on Kirstie’s shoot with Hailey Lockwood! We swear, when these ladies team up, it’s magic!

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