krista lynn meadow homecoming queen cowgirl magazine

Krista Lynn Meadow‘s latest single “Homecoming Queen” is about being authentically yourself with very little filter. She wrote this song for all the girls out there like her, who are just a little too honest and aren’t afraid to say exactly what’s on their mind and tell it like it is. She knows she isn’t the only one afraid to speak the truth and live in the reality of not being well-liked by everyone!

Of her new single, she says, “This song is a statement of who I am & who I always will be – an unapologetically honest person. I’ll say it when no one else will, because somebody’s got to! Who I am is every reason I would have never been voted the homecoming queen, but I’m completely okay with that!”

The lyrics “Most likely to say it to your face. I won’t hesitate to put you in your place. Some people don’t like me, but that’s alright, that’s fine by me. Lord knows I ain’t for everybody but I ain’t losing no sleep. That’s why nobody voted me homecoming queen,” are a great message to embrace who you are! As long as you’re happy with yourself, that’s what matters.

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She is currently touring around the US on the Tin Roof Tour, so keep your eyes out for any shows near you! Make sure you connect with Krista, she loves hearing from her fans, friends, and our COWGIRL family!