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Kristin Titov for COWGIRL Magazine.……

At the Hobby Horse Summer 2019 photo shoot, CEO Kristin Titov spoke with COWGIRL about her journey from young cowgirl to model to bold businesswoman.

Her bubbly personality shows through in her interview as she talks about getting her first horse when she was just seven years old, and then heading straight to Hobby Horse to get her first equitation suit.

As she grew up, she started modeling for the company, and eventually began helping them out with their marketing. As the previous owner was on their way out, Kristin had the opportunity to step in as CEO, and she was more than excited.

“I love fashion and I love horses so it just felt like the right opportunity,” says Titov.

Watch the full interview here, featuring Titov and one of the fabulous Hobby Horse models from their Summer ’19 shoot, Megan.

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