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Photo courtesy of @tylerhalverwho on Instagram.……

Save the date! On May 6th Kylie Frey and Tyler Halverson are releasing a new song!

They have only released a small clip of the song. However, with the title “Your Bar Now” and harmonies from a harmonica mixed with guitar strumming, we just know it is going to be a good one!

Kylie Frey describes herself as a “Louisiana bred,” “Texas inspired,” and “Tennessee living” cowgirl. She’s most known for her songs “Spur of the Moment,” “Horses in Heaven” featuring Randy Houser, and the latest, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” featuring Bri Bagwell.

Tyler Halverson jokes he is a country “singer [who] gets a check every rodeo,” a line from his most famous song is “Beer Garden Baby.” He is also known for singing “’94 Camaro” and “Mac Miller.”

We are excited to hear what these two have in store for us!

You can pre-save the song here!