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On the dirt roads of Southern California, Kylie Trout is using her voice to define the country singers of generation Z. The young talent expresses her life and passion through her unique brand of Cali-Country music, not to mention her unique gift of story telling.

The teen songstress is blazing the music scene and creating a sound all her own. From gospel to country, Kylie can do it all. Using her powerful voice and relatable experiences, she connects with fans across the country. She has performed across her home state and in Nashville, she has also been featured on Radio Disney Country. Her passion for music, performing and story telling has given rise to country music uniquely her own.

We caught up with Kylie to talk about her music, her life, and how she is progressing through quarantine at home.


CG: How did you start performing and writing music?

KT: When I was little, I was super shy. I always loved music, but I was even too shy to sing for my family. One day, It just hit me. I tried out for a talent show in fourth grade. I sang “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” by Taylor Swift, I had my little dance choreography and everything. Me and my sister made it and I remember even practicing on the little stage at school, I did not want to get off the stage. It was very weird for me. People were so shocked I could do this talent show and loved it so much. Since then, it has stuck with me and I realized this is what I want to do for a living. I could not see myself doing anything else.

CG: What inspires your music?

KT: With me, it is all about relating to a song. Growing up from a young age, I had to grow up very fast. Music was really my saving grace. Kellie Pickler, she had a song out called “I Wander.” It was about her mom and how her mom was not in her life and that song … I was just a little five year old who would listen to music and just cry, because I related to it so much. And that is what really sparked my love for it and for writing music.

CG: What music defined your childhood and inspired you to be where you are now?

KT: Growing up I listened to a lot of Reba, Martina McBride, Faith and Tim, George Strait, Toby Keith was my favorite, but Carrie Underwood has been my idol since day one. Everything about her… she is a class act, she is a queen.

CG: What does Cali-Country mean to you?

KT: When you tell people you are from California, they kind of give you an “oh.” You are in Nashville and they ask where you are from, you say California and they say “oh.” You have to come back with “just because I am from California that does not mean that I do not love country and do not have country roots.” Just because you are not from somewhere does not mean you can’t love it or share the same passion. With country music it is all about telling a story. With Cali-Country it is telling a story, but more modernized and new.

CG: When you blast a song in the car, what song are you singing along to?

KT: I love “Bodak Yellow” by Cardi B. Me and my sisters and stepmom, we all sing along.

Photo courtesy Kylie Trout.


CG: What is your favorite part about your hometown of Riverside, California?

KT: When people think of California, they think of L.A. Where I live, it is not like L.A. at all. We are out of the city, I live surrounded by dirt roads and water towers, I love that. I live in a small part of Riverside. You drive down the street and you know everybody. You can not go out without seeing someone you know. The small town feeling is my favorite part, I love it.

CG: How has your environment/hometown influenced your music?

KT: I love writing off of personal experiences. Living in a place like this makes it easier.

Stuck At Home

CG: Of course we have to talk about being stuck at home. What have you been up to during quarantine?

KT: It has been so long since I have gone out, so I am going a little stir crazy. I have been writing a lot. I spend more time hanging out with family. Our dog loves that we are home all the time, he really enjoys it.

CG: In addition to being stuck at home, how have event cancellations affected you?

KT: Everything has been cancelled or postponed. I was going to open for the Marshall Tucker Band next month, I was really looking forward to that. It has been driving me insane. You can do the live shows, where you are still connecting with audiences but it is so weird. You are sitting there, singing to yourself.

Being Country & Cowgirl

CG: What do you think makes you country or a cowgirl?

KT: When I think of cowgirl, I think of somebody that is a good person, down to do anything. That is me because I am so spontaneous. Country music always tells a story, and I am all about the story of everything.

Looking Forward …

CG: After the quarantine is over, what are you looking forward to, as well as, what are your goals for your music?

KT: Since I have had so much time to write, releasing new music. I always want to have more people connect with my songs.

CG: What is a venue or an event you are looking forward to in years to come?

KT: In the future, one day, it has always been my dream to play at the Grand Ole Opry. Maybe we will see that happen one day.

CG: Do you have new music coming out soon?

KT: I am looking forward to releasing music in the next few months. But it all depends on quarantine. When I can get back out to Nashville, I will have new music out.


Check out Kylie’s new single, “You & I” out now. To read more about Kylie Trout and her new music visit

We can’t wait to see where the dirt roads of Southern California will take Kylie Trout!