Cowgirl - Lace-Up Sandals

Free your toes for a minute to rock this summer’s hottest footwear trend, the lace-up sandal. You don’t have to go stone-cold gladiator right out of the box, but there are some really adorable lace-up options out there. Start with an ankle-high version if you’re a bit unsure. They look cute with everything from, dresses to shorts and jeans. I recently purchased a camel-tan colored pair and I have been wearing them errry-damn-day! They are super minimal, so they keep me cool during this ridiculous heat we are living in, down here in the South. Plus, there’s something about the lace-up style that makes your feet look super thin and feminine? Is that weird to say that my feet look girl-ier? It’s definitely weird, but it’s true. 🙂

If you see a pair you love while your shopping but they are ridiculously expensive,  KEEP SHOPPING. During my adventure to find my perfect pair I ran across five different brands and all looked exactly alike, but each brand varied largely in their price. I ended up snagging a pair for $30 and they look just like a pair that will cost some other dummy $150.

I did some leg work for ya so you can  rock this trend too!


Sun Kiss Tan Suede Lace-Up