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That’s a wrap on BFI week in Reno, Nevada! Cowgirls got the chance to compete in the Charlie 1 Horse All-Girl Team Roping and Breakaway. Tylie Norcutt bested the competition in breakaway, while Kenna Francis and Jessy Remsburg claimed the title in team roping. Congratulations, cowgirls!

Tylie Norcutt put the wrap on the final showdown in Reno! 9.53 seconds on three earning her the title of the Charlie 1 Horse Hat Company All-Girl Champion!

Full average results:

  1. Tylie Norcutt, 9.53 seconds on three, $7,000
  2. Braylee Sheperd, 9.93 seconds on three, $4,000
  3. Ali Corcutt, 10.01 seconds on three, $3,000
  4. Jillian Murray, 10.61 seconds on three, $1,500
  5. Haleigh Grant, 10.67 seconds on three, $1,000

Charlie 1 Horse Hat Company All-Girl champions are Kenna Francis and Jessy Remsburg taking home $17,000 and a Bill Fick Ford truck full of prizes.

Full average results:

  1. Kenna Francis and Jessy Remsburg, 31.73 seconds on four, $17,000
  2. Beverly Robbins and Jessy Remsburg, 33.88 seconds on four, $9,000
  3. Nora Hunt-Lee and Jimmi Jo Montera, 38.31 seconds on four, $7,000
  4. Rylee George and Chelsey Bushnell, 40.65 seconds on four, $5,000
  5. Nora Hunt-Lee and Britanya Dan, 41.26 seconds on four, $4,000
  6. Josey Ray Funk and Lorraine Moreno, 43.17 seconds on four, $3,000
  7. Jesica Small and Ali Bilkey, 44.82 seconds on four, $2,000