Lady Antebellum - "Pictures" Live Performance
Lady Antebellum "Pictures" Live Performance ……

As the second track to debut from their upcoming album following “What If I Never Get Over You,”  the song “Pictures” is creating anticipation for more new music from the multi-platinum trio. The song takes on an edgier style, stemming from events going on in the world today, according to Hillary Scott, the group’s female singer.

“We live in a world right now, especially with social media, where everyone’s lives can look happy and pretty,” said Scott. “We wrote this song to reflect on the reality that things are more complex than that. As good as something might look in brief moments, there are so many layers to who people really are and what’s really going on. I love the juxtaposition of how this song’s lyrics dig in while feeling laid-back and groovy.”

Listen to the recording of their live performance of “Pictures!”

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