For the love of turquoise and silver, can I get an amen for all the ladies workin’ their tails off to run their own small businesses and killin’ it for that matter! I never realized the hard work and dedication it took until I started my own business, but man, these ladies are not only talented, but work hard to get their designs out there.

I’ll step off my lady soapbox now and talk about the amazing work these designers do. We all know turquoise is a gal’s best friend, but the detailing these silversmiths use in their designs makes me wish I had more than ten fingers and more than two arms. Sometimes life’s just not fair. 😉

If you are into retro western styles, check out The Classy Trailer or Silo Silver, if you are a southwestern junkie/ bohemian goddess, check out the rest of these designers. Trust me, you’ll be droolin’ or throwing money at your screen. By the time you make it through all 8 Instagram pages, you’ll be sharing my concern about only having ten fingers. I mean, it really is a problem. Who do I talk to about this? 😀