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Louisiana native Laine Lonero is paving a path for herself as a trendsetter in the Gen Z pop-country market with relatable lyrics and powerhouse vocals. A current Nashville resident attending Belmont University’s prestigious songwriting program, Laine’s new song “Broke” was inspired by past relationships and being let down.

We got to chat with Laine about the new song, music video, and her inspiring story of raising awareness for Tourette’s.

“Broke” came about when Laine and her co-writer, Amanda Cooksey, got together and just started talking about the “so called” relationships they had been in. She says, “We both have had experiences with guys that ended up going nowhere because some guys just don’t seem to understand what real feelings and commitment are. We both feel that guys need to be on the other side of heartache to really understand.”

The video was shot at a house next to Shelby Park, just east of downtown Nashville. Laine’s mom rented the Airbnb in the back of the house, and the owners were gracious enough to allow them to shoot the video there. “The house was pretty new but according to the owners, it was designed to look historic. It’s an all-white farmhouse style with the white picket fence and a great porch with a big bed swing on it. The all-American dream basically,” she explains. “We were really going for an “old school kind of love theme.” I am usually pretty involved in the video process. Marisa Taylor was my videographer, and she’s great. We work really well together, and she is very open to my ideas, as I try to be with her vision.”

She continues, “If someone has never experienced true heartache, they can’t truly understand real love. They have to have their heart broken before they try to get serious with anyone to really grasp it. It’s a way of gaining perspective I think. Don’t doubt yourself because someone else doesn’t see your value and what you have to offer. You will be special to someone one day and you just need to be patient. Don’t settle for less.”

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Laine also has an incredibly inspiring personal story. She was diagnosed with Tourette’s and wants to raise awareness and offer encouragement for those in a similar situation. She shares, “This release is actually the first time I have talked about it publicly. It’s just part of who I am, and I really don’t let it get in my way. I was officially diagnosed in high school, so I actually spent a lot of my life just dealing with the compulsions and tics, but was actually relieved when I got some answers to why this was happening. I am fortunate that I have a great doctor in Nashville now who has helped to lessen the tics with treatment.”

Her tics tend to be worse with stress and her busy lifestyle, whether it be college, performing, her sorority, etc. “I also had a really rough time when I first moved to Nashville. I was away from my family and friends, starting at a new school, had a bad breakup, and the tics got to be pretty severe,” she explains. “I kept pushing through, though. Music has always given me sanctuary when I am stressed and anxious, and I have been involved in music pretty much my whole life whether it be singing, theater, dance, guitar, piano etc. I am so thankful to have an outlet that gives me relief. I encourage others with this disease to find that outlet, whatever it might be, that gives you peace to help alleviate the symptoms, at least for a bit.”

The best advice she can give anyone who’s been diagnosed is, “Just be you and don’t let others make you feel different. If someone can’t deal with it and look beyond the disease, then they aren’t a true friend anyway, and you don’t need them. Keep that small circle of people around who accept you for you. I would also strongly suggest considering getting an emotional support animal. My dog (GIGI) has changed my world. She literally saved me during that time when I was struggling after moving to Nashville. I am so much happier now. She is always there to provide unconditional love.”

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