Lane Boots Patina Vie Coachella brown leather boots
Lane Boots Patina Vie Coachella brown leather boots.……
Lane Boots Patina Vie Coachella brown leather boots
Lane Boots Patina Vie Coachella brown leather boots.

Lane Boots’ new collection, Patina Vie, mixes beautiful details, and unique designs for a whole lot of boot beautiful! We got the inside scoop on how this stunning collection came into being from the designer herself–Sarah Willett.

1. Sarah, we love your design story “Where History and Style Collide”.  In order to collaborate successfully with Lane, known for designing both classic and fashion forward western boots, how did you find the right balance of history and style with a little western feel to build the collection you envisioned?

Our partnership with Lane has us over the moon! We adore stylish details that are rooted in tradition and history. Lane has captured the emotion that we have been yearning for. A nod to classic western (but with a casual global kick) is our overall vibe in this debut collection. The process has been dreamy top-to- bottom!


2.  Are you a boot lover yourself?  What feelings do you get when you slip on your favorite pair of boots and did that help you in designing this collection?

YES!! A favorite pair of soulful, beautifully worn (patina’d) boots are a part of my everyday. In an instant, every girl who slips on a favorite pair of kicks, is ready for the world. No matter where your day’s adventures take you your luscious fave boots will always feel like home. Easy, confident ready to conquer!

Lane Boots Patina Vie Collection Vintage Paris brown leather boots.

3. From concept, drawings to selecting leathers and accents – tell us your favorite part of the process in bringing this collection to life.

SMELLING THE LEATHERS!! Our studio comes to life each time we get a Lane delivery. We rip open the pretty boxes to get our hands on the cobbled, artisan goodness. (The ritual has become a bit addicting).  Thank goodness we have a steady flow of boots, booties (and soon purses) to add to our mix. Not a bad obsession to have!

Lane Boots Patina Vie Collection boot sole detail.

4.  With names like Coachella, Belgian Traveler and Vintage Paris Biker – you feel like you could be anywhere in the world in these boots.  How do you bring real comfort and wearability to a design and maintain the style/feel you are aiming for?

Comfort is our first priority.  Lane is known for their insanely comfortable boots from the first time you slip them on.  Adding fashion to their gorgeous craftsmanship is truly the cherry on top for us.

Lane Boots Patina Vie Coachella Nightfall blue western boots.

5.  How do you hope women feel when they wear your designs?

Inside each of our boots is a metallic gold stamping that reads, “may all your steps be wild + free” we’re celebrating cool, strong women who know where they’re going and know how to get there!

Cheers + smiles,
Sarah Willett// Founder

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