Cowgirl - Lantana HandbagsListen up ladies! I found a new handbag designer you’re going to LOVE- Lantana! Lantana designs are rich with southwestern materials and incredibly handmade details. As a fellow leather artisan I can really appreciate everything she does to these bags, from the perfect fringe cuts down to every leather artisans greatest evil – buckstitching.

While Emily, the owner, builds these bags and boot covers from her own little home out on the ranch, these pieces are so far from looking home made or cheesy. These are HIGH QUALITY bags, y’all. She includes vintage serapes, buttery soft leathers, fringe, hand braiding and turquoise details throughout many of her gorgeous designs. Basically what I’m gettin’ at is these are the handbags of your dreams. 😉

While drooling over her designs, I decided to go check out her “about page,” and fell even more in love with this brand. Emily is a fellow lady-prenuer that didn’t let falling in love with a cowboy and moving to the middle of nowhere stop her from pursuing her dream. So we are kindred spirits and I’m sure many of you can relate, as well! Get it girl…just get it!

The Thunderbird Clutch