Photo courtesy (left to right) of Lari Dee Guy on Facebook and @larideeguy on Instagram……

Rightfully so, the most winningest cowgirl in breakaway roping was pretty picky about the making of the Tsunami. It took an entire year of testing for her to finally say, “this is the one.”

She just came off a win in Texas at the Gladewater Round-Up Rodeo using her very own rope!

“The only rope I’ve ever used that has complete balance, stays open, but still closes tight around the neck!”

Lari Dee Guy
Photo courtesy of Lari Dee Guy on Facebook

The process of designing a new rope is like a science experiment. The mad scientist behind the experiment? Cactus Ropes designer and general manager, Berry Berg. The lab procedure? Testing the right weight and feel by changing the rope strands, type, and size. Sounds pretty over overwhelming when you’re trying to please a world champion!

Berg didn’t give up. In 2019, Lari Dee said the rope was ready to take the world of breakaway roping by a storm!

She was right. Madison Outhier was just crowned a state champion at the Texas High School Finals Rodeo using the Tsunami!

Her rope is a hit! All the breakaway ropers seem to be taken in by the Tsunami!

Photo courtesy of @lardideeguy on Instagram

Doesn’t the color just make a run look more slick?

Photo courtesy of @lardideeguy on Instagram

The blue color is so suiting! Lari Dee is all for roping like a girl, but wanted cowboys to feel comfortable hopping on the tsunami bandwagon!

Photo courtesy of @lardideeguy on Instagram

Guy’s rope is by far the most used rope in the world of breakaway roping. Almost all of the top cowgirls in the WPRA world standings are roping with the Tsunami. Now do you see how her rope has taken the event by a storm??

So many cowgirls and cowboys thank Lari Dee for her precise design! Read more about the champion by clicking on her past feature here!