Lead With Your Heart Book Allan J. Hamilton Cowgirl Magazine
Lead With Your Heart: Lessons From A Life With Horses is written by Allan J. Hamilton, MD (Storey Publishing).

It’s been said that some horses will test you.  Some will teach you and some will bring out the best in you. Dr. Allan J. Hamilton’s book Lead with Your Heart:  Lessons from a Life with Horses examines the way horses transform and empower riders and show us how to live better lives.  Hamilton is a neurosurgeon who uses his experience working inside the human brain as an analogy for what horses can do for minds and souls. 

Lead with Your Heart is a collection of short stories that are poignant, thoughtful, and sometimes light-hearted.  A chapter entitled “Drop the Reins” tells of a time when the author was riding in the Rincon Mountains near Tucson and got lost in a sudden rainstorm.  Unable to get his bearings, Dr. Hamilton decided to release his horse’s reins and trust his mount to find the way home.  The animal proved to be a worthy guide.  “His connection to his environment and his wisdom became my last hope,” Hamilton wrote.  “And trusting something deeper than my own skills became my salvation.”   

There are valuable lessons to be learned from reading Lead with Your Heart and the positive tone of the book acts as a tonic to soothe and inspire.