It’s a question that most wonder at one point or another when leading… should the horse follow next to them or behind. For your safety, it’s important you lead them correctly! A respectful horse that walks quietly is much more enjoyable than an unruly one. Ultimately, you need to be in charge and tell them where they should stand and walk.

How to Lead Your Horse

The answer is actually both! There are certain times when your horse should follow behind you and others when you want them next to you.

For example, when you get a new horse, they should be taught to stay out of your personal space. You will encourage them to walk behind you and not rush or crowd you. Other times, you want their neck by your elbow. This will allow you to better direct their movement and direction.

Ryan Rose created a helpful YouTube video to show handlers how to teach their horse to follow behind and next to them. Follow along!

These exercises can be especially helpful for horses that get pushy or rush through the stall door/gates. While leading is considered basic training by most, it shouldn’t be forgotten or neglected. Always expect your horse to lead respectfully!