Taylor Sheridan leading ladies cowgirl magazine
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Taylor Sheridan has brought quite a few favorite leading ladies to the TV screens with 1883, 1923, and Yellowstone. Who is your favorite?!

Margaret Dutton (Faith Hill)

Margaret is the matriarch of the Dutton family in 1823. Her grit and determination helped to make it possible for her husband, James, and family to keep going on their long trek.

Elsa (Isabel May)

Elsa is James and Margaret’s eldest daughter. We love her free spirit and attitude that she can do anything the men can do. Her shocking death was heartbreaking to everyone that watched the show.

Cara Dutton (Helen Mirren)

Cara Dutton is the great-grandaunt of John Dutton (Kevin Costner) by marriage. Much like Margaret Dutton before her, Cara’s grit became a great asset to her family. Not only did she run the home and keep house alongside Emma Dutton, she’s very capable outside the home as well.

Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly)

Beth Dutton is John Dutton’s strong willed and very complicated daughter. She’s tough as nails, speaks her mind, and never backs down from a challenge.

Monica Long (Kelsey Asbille)

Monica is Kayce Dutton’s wife. It takes her a long time to accept the Dutton lifestyle compared to the Native community that she was raised in.

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