leann hart ministries Cowgirl Magazine

LeAnn Hart was born in South Louisiana in 1980. She was raised rodeoing and working hard growing up on a dairy farm always dreaming about being a cowgirl. It was at the young age of eight years old that she dedicated her life to the Lord although she found out the world has a way of weathering your faith from time to time. She likes to tell everybody it was a lot harder to stay between the mustard in the mayo but eventually the Lord got her lined out.

“After graduating high school and going to a semester of college she soon realized school really wasn’t her thing. Given the opportunity for an audition at Dollywood she made the trip all the way to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and got the job at the age of 18. The years that she spent in Tennessee gave her the confidence that she needed on stage but she soon realized her platform might come with a little different presentation. Making the move to Oklahoma marrying JW Hart, the Iron Man and PBR bull rider would prove to be One of the greatest test of all. 

“Through out the many trials through marriage, miscarriage and faith misfires she can positively say, “there is no freedom without forgiveness!””

LeAnn has continued to share her stories and things that she feels God lays on her heart with the world. She has become a beacon of light in the western industry and is called upon by people far and wide for advice and prayer. LeAnn Hart Ministries will continue to grow as she and JW travel all over the country for their bull business and LeAnn visits speaking engagements along the way.

LeAnn spoke at the first inaugural Cowgirl Gathering at the Cowboy Channel Studios!