Not everyone is in a good situation to own a horse. There are many times when leasing is a much better option. A lease can range from off the farm to partial riding. The costs can also vary depending on how much care you provide and how frequently you ride. If you’re looking for a good alternative to horse ownership, try something more temporary like a lease.

  1. More affordable: Leasing a horse is often cheaper than buying and paying for a horse. Quality horses can come at an expensive price tag. Many times riders can find a situation where the owner is off to college, pregnant, or otherwise occupied, and doesn’t have the time for their show horse. You can get an amazing opportunity to ride an incredible horse without the upfront costs. The care of the horse is often split between the individual leasing and the horse owner.
  2. Your own personal horse: Riding multiple lesson horses can become exhausting over time. You may crave a horse of your own to bond and develop a working relationship with. A long term lease will give you the chance to learn each other. You can work toward a goal and focus on a single horse.
  3. Short-term: Children outgrow ponies, just as novices can outgrow quiet lesson horses. If you’re just starting your journey you might consider leasing a slow, quiet horse until your confidence builds up. This situation is also good for those who move around a lot, are in school, or expecting some sort of life changes.
  4. Flexibility: Are you too busy to handle the daily care of a horse? Maybe you just want to ride a few days a week. The terms of a lease are completely moldable. It can be strictly riding without the farrier, worming, and vet worries.
  5. Try it out: Leasing is a great step before you make the commitment to ownership. It’s the perfect in-between stage of riding lesson horses and buying one of your own. Give it a try and see if riding and caring for one horse is right for you.

Whether a beginner or experienced rider, many people have their own reasons for leasing a horse. It can be a great choice for lots of equestrians. Find a owner that is flexible with the terms and create an agreement that works for both of you.