Photo by: Tandy Leather……

Hey a cowgirl can never have too much tack, right?! If you’re in the market for a new headstall, then why not make your own. With some supplies and the Tandy Leather’s tack accessory pattern, you have create a masterpiece. DIY projects are fun and can help you save a lot of money. You can even personalize your creation with unique conchos, buckles, and stain colors. Let’s get started!

First, you’ll need some supplies. Tandy Leather should have everything you need! Be aware this project requires some tools that’ll help you work with the leather.

  • Tack Accessory Pattern Pack Item #6025-00
  • Prairie Dust Concho Item #7772-05
  • Engraved Strap Buckles Item #7851-02
  • Craftsman Veg-Tan Single Shoulders Item #99606-03
  • Designer Sides – Small Item #9830-04
  • Eco-Flo Hi-Lite Color Stain 4.4 fl. oz. Item #2608-05

You can swap out some of the items like the conchos or stain color for whatever suits your style. This headstall is made from high-quality products. You can rest assure it will not only look great, but also last you years.

Follow this video for the tutorial on how to make the headstall pictured above.

While this isn’t the easiest project, it is stunning! If you can some free time, why not get creative. You might even be able to sell a few!

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